Aug. 19th, 2011

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So while I wait for all my old LJ stuff to import...

My online journals seem to represent chapters in my life.
My first was on, and covered my teenage angst.
Then I got my first livejournal account, thanks to an invite code from my sister. That started as I was finishing college (UK college, that is) and preparing to move up north with my boyfriend Richard.
That journal covered my first university experience as well. Richard and I split up after 3 years and I started my last year at uni with a new boyfriend, Greg. Richard ended up being a stalkerish psycho ex so I ditched that journal and got another LJ entirely.
That new livejournal ended up covering a very strange period of my life, as Greg came out as trans and began living full-time as Alice. It was a period of hope as our relationship thrived as I supported her through transition. I started going to evening classes to gain the qualifications I needed to get back to uni and actually take a degree that I was passionate about (Japanese language).
As the real world ground me down in an endless boring succession of identi-kit days in a dead-end job and frustrating college classes (jumping through hoops to get the pieces of paper I needed) I began to neglect my LJ. I moved over to another account and deleted the old one for personal reasons. That final account was very sparsely updated as my hope began to fade. My uni dreams were continually stymied by one hurdle after another, Alice's transition faltered as we came up against NHS funding problems and poor-quality surgery choices. Our relationship began to falter too, I won't go into it all in this post (details will be in the old imported ones...) but Alice ended up having an affair with a married man at work.
So here we are, at another new beginning. I did get accepted to Uni - I start a degree in Linguistics with Japanese in September. And Alice did get her surgery privately and completed her transition. So we finally achieved the dreams we had yearned after for years. Just not with each other.
Which is making me cry a little bit so I'm going to stop here.


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